Ft. Belknap 1905 Mary Brown Hair (Great-great Grandmother)




“Filmmakers have the power to heal the past by telling their stories.” — Haile Gerima


Stories are powerful, and the diverse human experiences of our collective universe must be told through film. As a visual storyteller, I am passionate about creating compelling narratives that capture the hearts and minds of audiences. 


In addition to my work behind the camera, I am also a SAG-AFTRA performer represented by Talent Management Group (TMG). This experience has given me a unique perspective on storytelling, allowing me to bring a depth of emotion and authenticity to my work. 


Having worked in front of the camera as a performer since age five, I have often been frustrated by the lack of adequate roles offered (or available) to Native Americans. Many of us have seen Native Americans in films, but most of the stories are told from an outside perspective—a non-Native perspective and narrative.


Representation is important. Film is such a mass medium and dramatically impacts the ideas that circulate in our society. The more we exist in genre spaces, especially in cinema, the more audiences can understand and empathize with the Indigenous peoples' plight.


My love of learning, curiosity, and on-the-job work experience prepared me for a meaningful career in film. I believe filmmaking can help move society from one level of consciousness to another—opening minds, healing hearts, and improving our world. — Regina Dezbah Simons



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