Regina Simons is a mother to two children. She believes motherhood opened a whole new world of human understanding and relationship analysis. Her kids are highly ethical, hard-working, and on the path to improving this world. 


Regina is a Native American filmmaker. Her work champions strong and complicated Indigenous protagonists, focused on [re]presenting Native people in film & media by exploring narrative, documentary, and experimental films.


Born in Utah, she grew up in Southern California and traveled the world, but has found peace residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her parents come from the Navajo (Oozéí Táchii'nii) Hopi, Assiniboine, and Santee Sioux nations. Regina is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. 


Regina is in her thesis year, working toward an MFA in film & media from the University of Utah. Academic achievement and intellectual curiosity define her view of the classroom and beyond—she believes as long as you are breathing, school is in session. 

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